COVID-19 Response

Saturday, 14 March 2020 by Charles Young

The Club's board met on March 13 to discuss our response to the virus outbreak.  We have decided to continue our games for the time being and are implementing the following changes:

We are asking all players to use hand sanitizer or wash hands after each round of play.

We are suspending the use of bid boxes and will verbalize bids at the table.

We will create extra space in between tables.

We will sanitize the boards before each game and not use the same boards for at least 10 days after the game.

We will on occasion shorten the games from our usual 27-28 board matches.

While these measures should reduce the risk of passing on the virus, and the risk in Central Illinois is currently (as of March 14) relatively low, we cannot guarantee that playing involves no risk to players.  It is certainly understandable if you decide to avoid play until this outbreak subsides.