• Club Appreciation Swiss Teams Games in October

    We will have 3 Swiss Teams games in October awarding 5% Gold points. Preregistration for these games is requested by notifying Chuck of your team or your need for teammates. The Tuesday morning game will be on Oct. 10; the evening game on Oct. 17; and the Friday game on Oct. 27. read more...
    Saturday, 30 September 2017 by Charles Young
  • Peoria DBC Holds International Fund Game #2

    Save the date of July 11. Our morning game will be part of the International Fund Game #2 held throughout the ACBL. Proceeds from the game are used to defray expenses of North American teams entered in international competition for World Bridge Federation titles. The Club will contribute $6.35 per table to this cause (player entry fees, as always, will be $5). Awards at the Club level will be 82% sectional rated, with 50% being red points and 50% black. First place overall in the ACBL will be worth... read more...
    Monday, 26 June 2017 by Charles Young
  • Responding to a Strong/Artificial 2 Club Opening Bid

    There are 4 “standard” systems for responding to your partner’s 2 club opening. Each of these systems has its strength and weaknesses. You and your partner should pick one system that you will use. And hope it works best for the hands that come up. Cheapest Minor In this system, you respond in any suit in which you have 5 cards and 8+ HCP, 2NT with no 5 card suit and those same 8+ points. Otherwise you bid 2 diamonds and let... read more...
    Thursday, 23 February 2017 by Charles Young
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